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Thread: Heath-Kit/Thomas Kit Organ Info ?

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    Heath-Kit/Thomas Kit Organ Info ?

    Hi all,

    I have a friend that owns the Kit Organ from Heath-Kit that appears to be simular to the two manual with princess pedal-boad like the Celiberty (SP ?) He does have the original manual somewhere ?? but can not locate it presently. Does anyone have any information about this model and how simular it may be to the factory model ?

    C Ya, Doug

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    Re: Heath-Kit/Thomas Kit Organ Info ?

    Hi Doug,

    Hmmm... any chance for a picture?

    We built a number of Heathkits including the Paramount model organ. The Paramount is a theatre style spinet with the Thomas style extended natural spinet pedals, not the 25 note Celebrity style. As far as I can remember there were just two styles of Thomas by Heathkit organs, the Paramount and a smaller Malibu-like spinet. There were also some combo organs but I can't remember ever seeing a full console version. I believe that the Thomas by Heathkit versions were essentially identical to the corresponding factory built Thomas organs.


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    Re: Heath-Kit/Thomas Kit Organ Info ?

    Hey tinker,

    Thanks for the leads. I have been 'Googling' the Internet and came up with these two links ;

    The First is confirmed as the Heath Kit Paramount model 60.

    Keep me posted.. C Ya, Doug


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