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Thread: Conn Minuet 544

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    Conn Minuet 544

    I recently purchased a Conn Minuet 544 organ. My daughter and I are having a lot of fun playing it. I would like to find out some more information on the instrument.
    Could someone answer the following questions:

    What is the approximate age of the instrument?

    Is there a place where I could purchase an owner's and/or service manual for the organ? I would like to learn more about its features.

    My daughter and I have a background in piano, but we are not familiar with working the stops. Can someone recommend a book that explains basic organ playing?

    Thans so much for your help.

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    Re: Conn Minuet 544

    The Minuet 544 was built by Conn from 1972 to about 1977 when it was replaced with the 545 Nassau series. The 544 was considered the top model in the spinet line except for the theatrette version model 552. It has a 80 watt 2 channel amplifier divided into Flutes/Tibias in the rotary channel and Main for the non-flute voices and pedal. You should be able to find repair information by checking out various other Threads on the Organ Forum and a internet contact site for Organ Service Corp which supplies parts and repair manuals, etc for Conns and several other brands.

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    Re: Conn Minuet 544


    Thank you so much for the information. I will check out Organ Service Corp.

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