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Thread: Baldwin 46C console (shell) w/ Pedalboard

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    Baldwin 46C console (shell) w/ Pedalboard

    Hi, I have a Baldwin model 46C Console shell with 32 note pedal board.Two manuals (61 notes). The manuals have the 'resistive contact' assemblys still attached. To convert to MIDI, they can be removed and you can add a contact rail in their place. If you don't plan to use these contacts, I will remove them to save weight.I have pics I can email if I can't upload here. Item would be "Pick UP ONLY' in the Dallas. TX area. The first $100 and it is yours ! I can deliver via PU to any location within 100 mile area, IF you can provide persons to load it for a 'reasonable negotiable fee' . The pedal board is heavy. Wooden caps over METAL keys. Flat, but the SHARPS are on a radiating arc. Email me for more info. texdw74(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Re: Baldwin 46C console (shell) w/ Pedalboard

    SORRY GUYS ; This console has been parted out. I plan to put the console shell on the curb in the next week or so. The remainng parts are on EBay under the ID of texdw74. </P>

    C ya, have a Merry Christmas ! </P>


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