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Thread: Lowrey Organ

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    Lowrey Organ

    Hello everyone. I just bought a Lowery Organ at a thrift store for $25 and am extremely excited. I just joined the forums and I know nothing about restoring an organ and want to learn everything. There is no buzzing when I turn the organ on, however the bottom keyboard makes almost no sound. The pedals don't sound either. If anyone could give me some advice on where to find information on restoration besides this site (websites would be awesome) or any other information I would be much obliged. Also if you know what may be plaguing my beautiful new, old Lowrey that would be really cool. Thanks people.

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    Re: Lowrey Organ

    It would help if we knew what Lowrey you have! Let us know the model number (look for a makers plate at the back or under the keyboards at the front) or post a photo so we know what we're dealing with.</p>

    I'm assuming that you have turned on some voices for the lower and pedals? (you wouldn't be the first.....)</p>

    As for where to go for more help, join the Lowrey Yahoo Group here:</p></p>

    You'll find a lot of people there who know about restoration of Lowrey organs. You'll need to post a photo there, but once you've joined the group you can start your own photo album so that's easy.</p>

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    Re: Lowrey Organ

    Hey Andy. Many thanks for the reply. I figured out how to get good sound out of the top and bottom. I found out that it is the Lowrey LSA model. I've been finding as much info as I can, but there isn't much, and I don't want to drop as much as I paid for the organ on a service manual. I think it has Frequency Dividers and I know how those work, but I'm not sure how I can tune the 5 or 10 keys that are out. Any advice?

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    Re: Lowrey Organ

    Been a few years since I've been inside a lowery, but most frequency divider organs had a set of small silver boxes with a stem on top, called master oscillators. They are located in order same as an octave of the keyboard. In most cases they are mounted on the wood deck that makes up the floor of the top part of your organ (where the keybed and controls are located). Many are accessed witha lid on topthat lifts -- some are hinged and somescrewed down. If nota removable back panel is usually present. If you find those you turn the shaft with a screwdriver -- and if this is your first time inside an organ wouldn't be a bad idea to use a non conductive screwdriver. Second option, and this was more true of organs that had independent tonal generators (Conn, Allen, etc.) is the tuning coil system and the tuning method varies with the construction, but is usually fairly easy to figure out. A slot means use a screwdriver and a spring and bolt system means use a small wrench or driver. Thought I'd through in the latter information because once you start liking to restore organs you'll probably be working on alot more.</P>

    One great tip I found recently is always tune sharp and go back. Has a more lasting result than stopping at the right pitch from what I hear. I understand your investment/worth point of view in considering the price of a manual -- but if you are serious about restoration it is a solid investment in the future use of your instrument.Also, many old repair books are out there on Ebay and Amazon if you catch the bug and decide to invest more money in this hobby. Otherwise there is much free advice here and you are welcome to throw out any question that comes to your mind. Most likely one of us will have been in the same situation at one time or another. It's nice to have you with us. Let us know as you discover new features on your organ.</P>

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    Re: Lowrey Organ

    Hey Brandonoff, I was wondering if the Lowrey LSA is a push-pull or singel ended power tube section? and what are the power tube types and how many?

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