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Thread: Leslie Speaker 900

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    Leslie Speaker 900

    Hi everyone, I need a little more advice. I now may be going to look at the Leslie 900 speaker for $$475. Is this a good price for this model? I heard that these are not good sounding at all?? Oh yeah, the guy said that it may need a new electorlytic (spelling??) capacitor, and the speaker has some, but not a lot of a mid occasional hiss. Good deal, bad deal?

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    Re: Leslie Speaker 900


    If you visit Captain Foldback's website and go to the Leslie section he has an excellent page for every type of Leslie. The good, the bad, and the ugly!</P>

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    Re: Leslie Speaker 900

    Thanks for your help! I checked out the site, and see that the solid states were generally alot of trouble. So, do you think this is a good deal or not?

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    Re: Leslie Speaker 900

    My 760's, 710's, and 715 have all been trouble-free. I have another 760 right now and it's great.</p>

    I only used a 900 once, many years ago on a Hammond X66. I remember it being bl***y loud!</p>

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    Re: Leslie Speaker 900

    haha, thanks for your replies

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    Re: Leslie Speaker 900

    Oh!, you can connect the 900 to a hammond M3 right everyone?

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