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Thread: Conn 652

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    Conn 652

    Can anyone give me some information about the Conn 652. When was it built, and are parts readily available for it. How much is it worth in good condition on the open market? Help is appreciated.

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    Re: Conn 652

    I believe I have the original colour brochure on this organ.
    To me it is a 'dream' organ.
    Should you wish me to scan it and e-mail it to you,then please let me have your e-mail address.[I once owned the 650.This is a great improvement. on it]

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    Re: Conn 652

    Check the 'Conn 65X Series' thread in this forum. It has a lot of good info about this model. I would consider it the pinnacle of Conn's theater organ development.
    Rodgers 660 with additional analog rack sets (practice), 36D/C in digital conversion, Yamaha CVP-107

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