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Thread: Lowrey Celebration LX/500

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    Lowrey Celebration LX/500

    I just found the subject organ for sale and I am considering purchasing it. It is under $3000. I really know nothing about this organ as my wife and I are just starting to take lessons. I know this was a top of the line organ when it was introduced by Lowrey. Can anyone tell me any particulars about it. It would be very helpful in my decision. I am 72 years old and do not want to keep upgrading as I progress, as the people where we are taking lessons from suggested. At 72 I don't even play long playing records.The person who originally owned it is in a nursing home and supposedly played it very little and it has to be sold. Thanks for any information.</P>


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    Re: Lowrey Celebration LX/500

    Hi Bob</P>

    Best advice I can give you is to join the Yahoo Lowrey group at</P>

    There are plentyof people on there who will not only know the organ very well, but they'll also be able to guide you on the price. Less than $3K for a big Lowrey sounds good to me, but they'll know for sure. You'll find me there - same name - but I'm UK based so can't really tell about about US values myself.</P>

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