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Thread: Hammond VS300

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    Hammond VS300

    Hey people, I just purchased a hammond vs300 organ for 50 bucks and would love to know something about it. i know it's probly not the greatest model, but i think it's half decent. Anyone have any info on these?

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    Re: Hammond VS300

    [quote user="Craigory"]Hey people, I just purchased a hammond vs300 organ for 50 bucks[/quote]</P>


    The VS300 goes back to 1973 and sold for AUD$895.00. It was one of the "Cadette" series, the first Hammond organs to be built in Japan by Nihon Hammond, a joint venture between Ace Tone Japan and Hammond Organ Co. USA. It is a solid state electronic instrument, and uses a transistor frequency divider tone generation system. As such it won't sound anything like the tonewheel instruments that were made in the US, however they were an OK instrument for someone to start out with. And you got it at the right price.</P>



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