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Thread: Hammond Elegante Organ

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    Hammond Elegante Organ

    I recently inherited a Hammond Elegante organ. I know zero, zip, nada about organs. The one thing I do know is that I am going to need to sell or give this organ away before I sell the home that it is located in. Can anyone offer any advice to a novice? The organ is located in California--about 100 miles north of Sacramento.

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    Re: Hammond Elegante Organ

    Depending on the condition you may have a gem or a dud. To check the condition turn on the organ. That works, Good! The drawbars give different tone based on pitch. Check each one by drawing it out slowly and playing any key. Volume will increase with the numerical increase. Finally open several white drawbars for each keyboard and play each key separately. If each drawbard and each key work check any operating tabs or additional voice tabs. It is best to check all items 1 at a time so you can isolate any problems. With no problems you've got a winner and should be able to sell through the local paper, this forum, or ebay depending on your preference. Best of luck!

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    Re: Hammond Elegante Organ

    Thanks for your great information. I live about 3 hours from where the organ is located so will have to wait until my next trip up there to go through all of your instructions. The organ was owned by an older lady so I suspect it was well cared for---hopefully. Is Ebay a fairly good venue for selling something like this? It seems the chance of finding someone in the area who is interested might be difficult.

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    Re: Hammond Elegante Organ

    Ebay can be unpredictable but is no more risk than making the organ an outright donation to an organization. There is a reserve system and minimum bid level if you want to be sure of a reasonable sale price. Again the condition (little old ladies are great, except when they haven't been able to play for awhile. These electronics items don't always age gracefully unused.) will be the key factor in value. In and of itself, the Elegante is a premium item if still very playable. Hope you find it so. There are a fair number of collectors in the California market and for a good piece collectors will travel several hundred miles.

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    Re: Hammond Elegante Organ

    Thanks so much. You have been very helpful. I think I should have it checked out by a professional since I really know nothing about organs. If it checks out OK I will list it here as well as on Ebay. Thanks again.

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    Re: Hammond Elegante Organ

    Diana, no need to spend alot on a service professional. Find a local church organist who is likely familiar with Hammond set up and most will be happy to play the instrument and test the functions for you. As a group, we organ nuts can't resist the opportunity to play a different instrument! Hope you find someone! Regrettably, I'm in Florida.

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    Re: Hammond Elegante Organ

    Good idea. Many of today's service guys won't have even seen one, let alone know how it works. Even the church organist may be a bit baffled by all the Elegante has on it. It would take a good hour for me to go over everything on an organ this size and give it a thorough test, and I'm fast at doing this sort of thing. (I'll spot a dud in minutes, though!) That costs money and remember that, even fully working, the Elegante isn't going to be worth megabucks.</P>

    There may be a local organ store / music store who knows someone who will be glad to play it and check it over, as OrgansR4Me says. Ask around and see what you find. Give the guy/girl a few $ for their efforts and time, and who knows, they may fall in love with it and buy it from you.</P>

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    Re: Hammond Elegante Organ

    Andy has the organ lover pegged with that comment! To see a great organ is thrilling... to play a great organ is to want it!

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    Re: Hammond Elegante Organ

    Thank you so much for all of your great comments. This information is so helpful---wish you all were in California!

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    Re: Hammond Elegante Organ

    Hi Diana</P>

    If you are interested in selling it, please let me know. I want to buy an elegante</P>


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