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    Kimball Stardust

    Hi Everyone,</P>

    This is my first post here but have been reading the Organ forum for a long time ! Hope I can get some advice... I have been offered a free Kimball Stardust for use in my choir room. It has been about 20 years since I played one and am wondering if it is worth taking. I have had no luck with most kimballs ie the "Swinger" and am wondering if the Stardust is any better or has the same problems...which seem to be many. Any advice would be appreciated !</P>

    Thanks !</P>
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    Re: Kimball Stardust

    I was trying to remember where the Stardust fitted in the Kimball range. Big full console from the very late 1970s, if I remember right. I had the spinet version of it (or the next one down the range) for a while. Experience tells me that they all suffered from the same sort of problems around that time. The bigger the organ, the more possible problems you had! I was lucky with mine and it wasn't too bad and easy for me to fix at home. Mind you I was glad to sell it. I can recall selling a few of them in the store and then sending the engineer round soon after!</P>

    Still, if it's free, you don't have much to lose and you might just find a good one. The bigger Kimballs could at least make some good sounds, unlike the smaller ones which were pretty dire.</P>

    I'd try it out, and if it's working I'd take a chance on it. If you're using it for accompanying a choir you won't need all its gimicks anyway, just the basic sounds, I'd guess.</P>

    Andy G</P>
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