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Thread: Hymn registration for Hammond organ

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    Hymn registration for Hammond organ

    Hello all,</P>

    I was wondering what would be a good general registration for lively hymns like Victory in Jesus etc. We aren't very liturgical or a front of the hymnbook church. I would like to do more than just a straight 8', 4' and 2' setup. </P>

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    Re: Hymn registration for Hammond organ

    when I play hymns on a hammond I use most often:

    E flat preset on the swell (right hand), and the Tibia Clausa preset on the great (left hand) for soft stuff

    for louder:

    I use the FULL ORGAN Swell and the FULL ORGAN Great for more powerful hymns.

    Does your Hammond still have the markings on the presets?

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    Re: Hymn registration for Hammond organ

    Areyou using the Gulbransen President at church, as per your signature? If so you can duplicate the Hammond presets that NYCFarmboy suggests using the drawbars on the President. Look at this link, under "Hammond Presets"</P></P>

    As far as my recommendations ... for the more powerful hymns it would depend on how many verses you are doing; if you do all 4 verses (usually there are 4) you may want to start off withyour 8/4/2 (which is the flute-based Gulbransen's approximation of a Diapason more or less - or maybe try the more granular drawbar settings for a better diapason simulation) then gradually add some more voices/harmonics to build up until the last verse; I think that makes the music more interesting; just my opinion though. On the President you would start off with the fundamentals like you mention and then add in some of the fractional stops. Full organ on the President (sforz piston)probably bringsin the 16' pitch on the solo so be careful to shift everything up one octave if it does. Sometimes I've heard 4 verse hymns with the 3rd verse actually played at a quiter registration and then open up for the 4th. It's really a matter of taste, and what "sounds good" in your particular location with acoustics, etc. You may want to experiment with several styles and see what "works" regarding the congregation singing, etc. </P>
    Jimmy Williams
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    Gulbransen Model D with Leslie 204

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    Re: Hymn registration for Hammond organ

    I always found it difficult to actually come up with good church registrations when I played a Hammond for services. In my opinion, Hammond just doens't work all that well for church services. The tones are not suited well and are more for jazz and the like (I'm talking traditional church services where the song leader announces the hymns and people sing out of a hymnal - ie Methodists, Presbyterians). </P>

    However there are several rules that I always followed:</P>

    1) Law off on the 16' drawbar unless you need a good effect</P>

    2) Vibrato usage is personal and I would never dictate to anyone on what to use. However, the V1 setting or none at all is usually appropriate and I've been told it's harder to follow the organist when full vibrato is used.</P>

    3) Always use the higher pitched drawbars. It doesn't have to sound shrill but it should give it a bright sound. A dull-sounding organ will never win you any converts.</P>

    4) Here's the registrations I found are the best</P>

    42 7876 244</P>

    80 8804 004</P>

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