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Thread: Wurlitzer 4070

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    Wurlitzer 4070

    Hello, I've looked around on this forum and elsewhere for information pertaining to this organ, a Wurlitzer model 4070, and so far I haven't found any. I only have the schematics and date, which I believe is 1965. I got it recently for free, told that it didn't turn on, so I figured I would try to fix it. To my surprise, however, it does turn on and play, but the problem is that it plays very quietly and gets crackly when several notes are played at once. I think part of the problem might lie in the volume pedal, because it causes breaks in the sound when it is moved. I think some of the switches for the different stops may need cleaning or something to make sure they register. The percussion does not turn on (it actually stops any tones being played) and I will have to buy a new spectra-tone belt because the one I had was apparently being held together with electrical tape, but at least I know how to deal with that. Does anyone know if you can take the top off to get at the switches? It seems like it's loose but there are a couple of nails in the left side preventing me from lifting the top off completely. This seems odd. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Wurlitzer 4070

    gosh - this question is 4 years old. I'm assuming you are probably o.k. by now. Let me know; I have the same organ.


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