<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"><FONT face="Times New Roman" size=3>This instrument is in pristine condition, like new. My mother bought it brand new from a retail dealer in 2002, with the intention of learning to play, but never did. It sounds beautiful, full and deep. We will be happy to play a demo song over the phone. It would be perfect for a small church or someone's home. This is a quality instrument so please, serious inquiries only.

Features of the Lowery Fiesta include:

Rhythm Styles: BIG BAND- Swing Band, San Frans, Basic 4/4
FOX TROT- Champagne, Charleston, Basic Fox/Swing
COUNTRY- Easy Country, The Train, Basic Country
GOSPEL- Joyful Revival, Church Organ, Basic Gospel
BROADWAY- The Broadway, Sleigh Bells, Basic Double Time
HAWAIIAN- Aloha, Paradise, Basic Hawaiian
MARCH- Thundering 4/4, Grand March, Basic March
EASY LATIN- Bossa Plus, Rhumba/Beguine, Basic Latin
SOFT &amp; EASY- Easy 4/4, Guitars, Soft Basic
BALLAD- 50's Slow 6/8, Ballad Triplets, Basic Ballad
WALTZ- Easy Waltz, Country Waltz, Basic 3/4
POLKA- Polka Band, Happy Polka, Basic Polka

Rhythm Features: Orch Plus Volume, Genie, Orch Plus, Auto Bass, MCS, Memory, Variation, Rhythm Preset, Intro/Ending, Start Stop, FX, Rhythm Volume, Rhythm Tempo, Downbeat Display, Basic Button
Presets: General Presets(8), Memorize (custom),
Orchestral Sounds: Piano , Jazz Guitar, Banjo, Vibes, Accordion, Electric Piano, Country Guitar, Hawaiian, Trombone, Marimba
Orchestral Features: Orchestral Volume, Upper On, Lower On
Solo Sounds: Trumpet, Violin, Sax, Bells, Chimes, Clarinet
Solo Features: Solo Volume, Upper On
Bass Sounds: Bass 16, Bass 8, Ensemble Bass, Bass Volume
Lower Sounds: Strings, Flute 8, Flute 4, Vocal, Lower Volume
Upper Sounds: Sustain Long, Sustain Medium, String Volume, Strings, Flute 16, Flute 8, Flute 4, Mellow Organ, Pipe Organ
Graphic Mixer: Master Volume, Reverb Amount
Animation: Vibra Trem
Information Center: 2 line, 17 Character Display, Scroll, Tempo/Chord-Pedal/Key Display
Harmony: AOC
Music Recorder: n/a
Disk Drive: n/a
Special Features: 25 Songs Inside, Easy Button, Transpose, Lighted ABCs, MCS Lights, Padded Bench/Storage, Walnut Finish
Advanced Features: n/a
Connections: Headphone Output, Stereo Output Jacks, Stereo Input Jacks, MIDI In-Out-Thru
Keyboards: 44 Note Upper Manual
44 Note Lower Manual
13 Note Pedal Board
Sound System: 2-6"x9" Dynamic Range
50 Total Watts
Dimensions: 43" Wide
24" Deep
41" High (Rack Removed)
48" (Rack Installed)
158 lbs. With Bench
Owners manual and teaching manuals included.</FONT></P>