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    Lorin Whitney

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    Re: Lorin Whitney

    I'm sorry, who is Lorin Whitney (an organist, I'm assuming?)

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    Re: Lorin Whitney

    Lorin Whitney (1914-2007) was a theatre organist based in California, but he is more famous in the current theatre-organ world for being the owner of a Glendale, CA radio station with a studio that housed a large Robert Morton theatre organ, one that was recorded MANY times over the years by many top theatre-organ players, though notably NOT George Wright, though he played the Whitney organ often and enjoyed it.

    If you're a theatre-organ fan who has a lot of 50's-60's recordings, there is almost no doubt that you've heard the Whitney studio Morton on some recording, somewhere.


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    Re: Lorin Whitney

    Lorin Whitney dedicated a great portion of his work to Christian ministry. He had a radio program on the Moody radio network years ago. His work was very influencial in my own personal music ministry. His recordings (and a Christmas recording by Jesse Crawford) led me to my love of theatre style church music. -- Ifanyone hasnot had the pleasure of this experience you should try to locate some of his records. They sell frequently on Ebay.

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    I have a question. I am listening to the record 'That Ain't the Way I Heard It" by Ann Leaf. She is playing the 33-rank Robert-Morton pipe organ at the studio of Lorin Whitney. He passed away in 2007 at 92. What happened to the organ? Did the studio close after that?

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    Sorry to say the actual pipe organ was lost in a fire during a rebuild. The console wasn't being used at that location and survived. I've got to check my notes again to name the organist who has it now.

    The new owner is Greg Rister. See him featured in the Walnut Hill Gazette

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    Also refer to post #37 in the following thread:
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