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Thread: X5 with a 760 and a 145 shell

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    X5 with a 760 and a 145 shell

    I'm going over to a guy's house to negotiate a price. This stuff has been sitting for 15 years. The X5 is complete and has the 760 Leslie. The X5 is missing the "C" notes. He was told it would take $300.00 to fix "way back when???" He also has a 145 that's packed away in an old school bus. It's missing the amp but he said the speakers are there. He wants $500.00 for everything or no deal.

    What are your thoughts?

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    In most areas, I'd think $500 for a working Leslie 760 would be a fair price. Not a great deal, but a fair ask.
    The 145, even ampless, has value as well.
    I wouldn't personally use the X5 but you may find it interesting as a Retro combo organ.

    If I were you, I'd be interested in getting a proper Leslie for the M3 and this seems like a good chance. In my area, I don't see many Leslies pop up under a grand. Hope that helps.
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    This contact all started as I was talking with my bandmate about a Leslie for my M3. I'm hoping the 760 and 145 are decent, especially the 145. I'll find out next week, can't wait!

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    You might have issues getting the X5 to work - not 100% sure that you can still get the ICs needed. However, if you count it as a 'free bonus' with the 760 and 145 shell, then you could try to fix and sell on or simply sell for spares.

    Depends on the condition, sitting around doing nothing isn't great, you'd have to check things like motors, belts, speakers - just about everything. But if all is OK with the 760 and the 145 shell and speakers are OK, I think $500 sounds a good deal.
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