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Thread: Advise for a child beginner - PLEASE help!

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    I think it is better to have an organ that her daughter can grow Into, rather than one she will outgrow / get frustrated by quickly. Back in "the days" it was accepted practice to get a beginner into any organ ( even a toy one ) just to get them playing. That was always with the expectation that if that person took to playing, a trade up would follow pretty quickly. In todays market that is not the situation anymore. Ammie has already told us that her daughter has at least two years of piano lessons, so she already knows how to play the keys, and read some music, so I don't think we can call her an absolute beginner.

    Yes, I am a Yamaha fan, but that is because they have always made very good and versatile instruments. The FX-20 for potentially 400.00 or so ( perhaps considerably less, depending on the sellers attitude ) is a pretty good deal, even in todays market.

    The FX-20 has 8 registration memories on pistons. That makes it easy enough to set them up for various types of music, so all one needs to do is to use one or two for church organ sounds, one or two for pop style, and so on. By doing it this way, exploring the whole gamut of the capabilities of the instrument can wait till they are desired / needed.

    As always, these are just my opinions, so take them for what they are.
    Regards, Larry

    At Home : Yamaha Electones : EX-42 ( X 2 ), E-5AR ( X 2, one in parts, one not ), D80, FX-1, FX-20, HS-7T ( in parts ), EL-25 ( X2, one chopped, one not ). Allen organs : T12-A, T-12B ( both available cheap ), ADC-6000D. Baldwin 626, Hammond Concorde. A bunch of other Synthesizers and Keyboards. At Churches I play for : Allen Q325 ( with VISTA ), Hammond A105, Baldwin 720T, Several various small and medium size pipe organs of many sorts and builders.

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    I attended the Chicago AGO organ crawl today. One of our members brought two young studrnts, both young men looked to be about 10. Great sight. One of them treated us to a little Bach. Warms the heart of this old fart.

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    Yes, the Lowrey in the Craigslist ad is the one I was looking at. The footprint is quite small which is fairly necessary. Anything larger and I will loose my dinning table and, for better or worse she will have to prove some sort of commitment for the rest of the family to be understanding of that! Iím fond of the smaller electones but Iíve not had luck finding an affordable one close to me. I went alone looked at one that was advertised for $275 in Kansas City but after driving 2 hours with high hopes it has several control buttons missing.

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