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Thread: Seeking a Organ for Home practice use

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    Based solely on the photograph, this is not the Galanti imported version of the Praeludium III--Galanti used a large, square nameplate for their name. This organ appears to have a long, rectangular nameplate. Also, Galanti used a burl inlay on their music rack, this doesn't have that. But the stop layout, etc. makes it look like it is a variant. The pedals look like perhaps it is an early version with a layout to provide an AGO-like pedalboard to fit a console intended for BDO or other European pedalboard. To my mind, that isn't an issue, just a clue that it is some sort of variation.

    I'd be very tempted to buy this myself if I didn't already have too many consoles in the house.

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    I think we inveterate "organ hoarders" are just highly curious about organs that we haven't seen before. Like toodles, I have more organs that I'll ever be able to fix or sell in my lifetime. But I would get a thrill out of taking this one for a spin!
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    To clarify with some history: all of the GeneralMusic digital organs from the first and second generations had different variations of the same organ depending on their destination. They varied in minor console details and somewhat in stoplist. This was especially true in the second-generation Hymnus/Chronicler organs, which had at least 4 or 5 different stoplist variations depending on the country they were going to. "Galanti Organ Builders" was the US entity set up to distribute the first generation organs, which had the distinctive square Galanti name badge and the music rack inlays mentioned.

    Jim Walls of Rodgers background was the first Galanti US president, and I believe there was the sentiment that a large organ should not have built-in speakers, which is why the PIII has them deleted, as did the Chronicler II, which was released when Walls and GOB were still the active face in the US. Shortly after, Walls was let go, and one of the Galanti family took over, after which all organs, including the large ones, had the internal speakers remaining in place as with their European counterparts.

    As for Ahlborn, the original agreement with them in about 1991 had them building customized higher-end console variants of the GeneralMusic technology (the Ahlborn Leipzig was a gussied up Praeludium II with more voicing controls, an MUCH nicer console, and a very different stoplist), but also distributing the regular stock models through their own channels. This got GeneralMusic a German distribution channel, and also a "prestige" high-end console. We sold very few Leipzigs because at the end of the day, it was a Praeludium II that cost literally twice as much, but it gave us the ability to say that we offered a fully hardwood draw knob console which was a good marketing angle when competing with Allen at the time.

    All that to say, I believe the Craigslist organ is one of these Ahlborn-branded stock models, which is indeed a PIII at its heart, but which has some minor console differences and probably some variation in the stoplist.

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    So many inquiries to answer!

    Leisesturm: I have not heard from the seller of the Ahlborn yet. I emailed him some days ago, maybe 4. Nothing as of yet. Perhaps I will nudge him again. I want to know more, too!

    Toodles: Thank you for the stop list link from a few posts ago. Some interesting ones in there! Do you happen to know of any other "varieties," as you say? I have not been able to find much online about the PIII. Plenty about the PII, but not the III.

    jbird: I relish the idea of being able to get into the instrument and give it a good once-over, as well as address any simple issues a clever novice like me might be able to fix (with much advice and guidance, of course).
    If I do end up with this organ, any of you are welcome to "take it out for a spin" anytime you're in Cleveland!

    I hope to hear from the seller today, but if they continue to drag their feet I may have to look elsewhere...
    In fact, "elsewhere" brings me back to the Rodgers 785 in Lexington, KY. I have been in conversation with the church committee members and they are very interested in having me visit the organ this weekend or next. They settled on a price of $4500. I find this to be a little high, but I also understand that the instrument itself is sound except for three bulbs that are burned out. Comes with all speakers, has been regularly played since purchase, etc. etc. I may try to talk them down since I would be the one taking it out, transporting, etc.

    I remember some posts saying that this instrument will require voicing with a GC-8 to fully take advantage of its sound. Could one of you explain that a bit more? It also has a headphone jack (huzzah!), so I could play it without optimal voicing until I can get a Rodgers tech to my house. Things to consider.
    I have NOT ruled out the PIII, by any means; just considering all options right now.

    Thanks again, gents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbird604 View Post
    I think we inveterate "organ hoarders" are just highly curious about organs that we haven't seen before. Like toodles, I have more organs that I'll ever be able to fix or sell in my lifetime. But I would get a thrill out of taking this one for a spin!
    Quick funny story on this:
    My organ teacher has a friend who is an organ fanatic (aren't we all?). This guy built himself a BARN with a STAGE just for his organs. He has more instruments than he knows what to do with.
    What a life.
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