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Thread: Which would You Recommend?

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    pp Pianissimo Adam Ziolkowski's Avatar
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    145, that's what I have, but, mine was 900 initially , talked him to 850
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    Can't comment on price but the 145 is a very formidable sounding box! Patched my old beater up lookin' good sounding great!
    Hey Adam,this pic of me with an MK80 predates you by a few years.....used it up to and including 1999.Yeah kid,you got some good taste!
    Extra points for anyone who can name the guitarists.Can almost guarantee you've heard them.
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    21H, if stock, has a field coil bass speaker. Those are sometimes worth 4-500 alone. But it's one-speed, unless it's been converted. It's a cool, old-school sound - like others have said, great for jazz. The other thing is that the 21H came with either a 20W amp, or a 30W amp. The 20 is fine for your living room, but might have trouble keeping up with a drummer. The 145 is two-speed, and yes, probably brighter. I hear there's a lot of variance from Leslie to Leslie, and just in my collection, my 21H with the 30W (32H Series III) amp actually feels louder than my 122 (40W amp). $850 isn't a screamin' deal, but it's not too bad considering some people could ask $1000 or higher for that Leslie. They're both fair prices for what the cabinets do. If it were $400 or under, I'd probably pick up the 21H, regardless of the amp.
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    $550 with a 2 speed conversion for the 21H now. May get it. The guy said 3 guys have passed on it after originally wanting it. Its just so big for my small space. the short guys are hard to find....
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    ff Fortissimo Tim_at_Jonas's Avatar
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    In most rooms, it's about floor space. The short and tall ones are the same in this regard.

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    mp Mezzo-Piano NittyRanks's Avatar
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    It's a little high. I would say $600.00.

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