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Thread: Needed for a project...A Chorus Generator

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    Quote Originally Posted by skydawg View Post
    I just acquired a DV from 1940,I believe,(ser 2608),it has all the goodies,a tight fit but everything is on the shelf,nothing underneath.Same interior dimensions as a B case, so space isn`t a limiting factor.
    Hello All,
    I've done this before on my B-3, and it's not difficult if you have the woodworking and mechanical chops. All I had to do was mount the new genny where the preamp was, mount the pre upside down in the cabinet, modify the pedal linkage a bit, make a wiring harness for the connections, and mount the chorus generator "drawbar" in the usual spot.
    I think I spent about 20 hours total, and a lot of that was envisioning the layout and checking dimensions clearances etc. before starting the build. As soon as I find the generator, we'll get going on the project!

    As far as the space, it was tight, but totally doable.

    Still no luck finding a generator. Even looking for ones that are non-working.

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    Hi, I don't know if you found what you seek. I do have several of theses items.
    I rebuild Hammonds and Leslies. Please visit my website. It's still in the works but is up and running. My personal setup is a Model A # 2203 with Trek II percussion, 122RV and 2 31h's. One is fitted with two speed motors and the other a Hamptone. Also sporting a working Vibratone 30A # 326.

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