That's great, but I hope you're one of those who play pedals as well as keys and use more than 88 8800 000! I'm sure you do, but you probably know people who never go further than that!

We're not really talking B3/M100 in a band situation here, but home organ - anything from the M3 up to the latest Yamahas, Lowreys, Wersis, Ringways etc. It's the home players, who liked middle of the road music and bought organs in their tens of thousands every year that kept the business going - and kept Hammond in business (it wasn't the pro buyers that made Hammond's money!) at least until they went under (for the first time). That lack of home players and buyers is one of the factors that has seen the decline of the organ - or is it the other way around??? YOUNG home organists - those playing both hands and feet, all on their own with no need for a band to back them or to play with - are few and far between, and those that are out there don't have the money to buy new products, especially at some of the prices asked these days.

I personally think that there is interest out there, look at the giveaway/low cost organs available for them to have a go at!