Hello there,

My mother owns a Wurlitzer 4300-D. She has had it since she was a little girl. My grandmother passed away several months ago and since then my mother has had the organ at her ohuse. She doesn't use it and it is taking up space. She would like to get rid of it. But, the organ has a little bit of electronic problems. The amp works in it. The Leslie works as well. There are just certain tones and certain keys that aren't making a connection. I see how these things would turn away the average consumer. But being a musician, I know some things are worth fixing.I know that if a 65 FenderMustangwas presented to me with some problems, they would be problems worth fixing. The same goes for a 58 Gibson Les Paul, a 72 Ludwig Drum kit, and hopefully in someones case a Wurlitzer 4300-D. My mother hasn't got the room for the organ, but she doesn't want to scap it to some shady music shop that is going to let it go to wast. She wants someone who will take pride in the thing to have it.

Well, if you or anyone you know would be interested, please email me at jacob_snow_21@hotmail.com and thank you for your time.

Also, if you know any repair shops that are into buying old pieces like this and restoring them, please let me know.