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No, Momboc. Two computers in the house ... both Macs.

I'm already googling Mac alternatives to MIDI-OX though. I get the concept of the software and it could help.

On a different note, a few months ago I was admiring your rig on your signature thread. (I keep thinking given the direction of organs, that's the inevitable outcome of where things are going.) But now I can't view your image anymore. Tells me to update my account to view images.

I don't know if that's your glitch or mine.

I assume you can click on your signature link and readily see the pictures of your rig?

All I get is an error message at every picture, with no idea how to fix it.
No problem on your part, you will find thousands of posted pictures will come up with that message as Photobucket (Where their hosted) changed the rules so that only if you paid for an account could you share photos, and it will take time for folks to transfer to a new free hosting service that does allow posting. (Although most probably won’t bother with old threads)

I take you have read fully the Midi article that I linked to, so look forward to your now advanced in depth report of connecting the B3 to your Technics.

Have fun