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Thread: Ace Tone GT-7

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    Ace Tone GT-7

    Hi yall!

    I've toured for many years with an Ace Tone GT-7 through a leslie 147 and love the sound. Unfortunately it broke down, so I bought another one just like it. The new organ broke down during first gig, so now I'm on a digital Korg organ, but the sound is crass and the look is meager...

    I'm thinking about rebuilding the two organs into one:
    - Slim the amount of interior by getting rid of all the things I never use anyways (reverb, presets, weird effects, built-in amp and speaker ect.)
    - Use the best parts from each organ
    - Build a brand new "cabinet" for it, seeing as the exterior is less than road-ready and that I am a woodworker, so it could be fun.
    Does anyone have experience with doing this?
    Hints and advice appreciated

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    I might rename it: Ace Tone Top Dog, or G&T :-p

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    Was it totally unfixable - ie unavailable ICs? If so, the organ's getting to the age where you can expect these things to happen. You might do a lot of work combining the two organs, building a cabinet and then having it go wrong on you soon after.

    If you do merge them, I'd think carefully before removing too many things just to save a few kilos. Amp is needed to drive the 147 at speaker level, though you could lose the internal speaker.

    The GT7 has a good sound but it's nowhere near a B3, the Korg should in theory be much nearer, assuming that you're running it through the 147. Maybe some settings to adjust?
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    'Hi andy,
    The amp that drives the internal speaker has nothing to do with the output to leslie i think?
    Its mainly all the things i dont need that causes problems. And old wiring. I might have to do a whole new rewiring
    I'm not after the B3 sound, i had an A100 for many years but I kinda like the transistor sound
    But then again, a Legend Live will probably end up costing me the same, and will work flawlessly for many years...

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