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Thread: Musical Score to MIDI

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    Musical Score to MIDI

    I've been engaged in some organ repairs and I'm not a musician (but an electronic engineering technologist). I have a rudimentary knowledge of music theory from my '60s high school courses. What I'm interested in is to take a musical score, say from our church's Psalter Hymnal, and enter all the notes into some kind of software which would then create a MIDI file so that I could hear the musical piece on a MIDI keyboard, or MIDI organ.

    What kind of software should I be looking for?


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    You can do that on Musescore. It is an open source notation program. It can be downloaded from here:

    Once all of the notes (tempos, dynamics, etc.) are entered, it is possible to export the sheet music in several formats, the audio in several formats, and/or the midi data. I'm not sure how easy it would be to play the midi file through another keyboard or organ (but only because I haven't tried it yet). It might sound a bit rigid because musescore maintains a computationally perfect tempo, but it should give you a good feel for how the score would sound.

    Of course, you could always find a good friend (who can read and play well) and ask him/her to make a midi recording for you (that you could then play with on a midi organ or through a midi editor on the computer.)

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    I highly recommend Sibelius. It used to come with an optical scan program which would recognize and write the score out, then it could be exported as an audio file, or simply played in Sibelius.

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