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Thread: My Seven Pound, 95 dollar Hammond/Leslie

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    My Seven Pound, 95 dollar Hammond/Leslie

    Life is really so much nicer for organists now, can I even imagine lugging around my old BV and 147 and Wurly 200? Truth be told, this rig I use now cobbled together from baling wire and chewing gum has less intrinsic fear of failure, and although you could get a little old school snobby about some differences between the old rig and the new, if you want my old one you still have a road crew. Here is the rig that reinvigorated my tolerance for playing live. Yamaha garage sale tinkertoy with MIDI jack. Some little square sustain pedal (activates the speed control slow/fast/, Ernie Ball volume pedal, the old one with the string drive, pink laptop by Sony Vaio, midi cable, Sabrent USB dongle, RCA to 1/4 inch adapter. Midibos MIDI/USB. Freeware VST- AZR3. Mr. Ray 22 for the Wurly/Rhodes. Cantabile VST host . Here is what it sounds like, although recorded at home, still everything was live and one pass, might have played the drums a couple of times to get the grease back in the wrist, guitar is also fake, can't remember which amp, I have about 20....

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    Wow - your bass player is the real deal! Nice track!

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