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Thread: B3 Restoration

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    B3 Restoration

    I live in the Cayman Islands and recently bought a 1961 Hammond B3 Organ
    I need to restore the entire Cabinet including Pedals and Bench.

    I could afford to fly in someone from the U.S.A. to have this done.
    How easy is it to take everything out of the Cabinet to have a proper Job done?

    are the wires easy snaps or would have to un-soldered and re-soldered?

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    hmmm. if this is for real someone could get some beach time.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone Cold View Post
    are the wires easy snaps or would have to un-soldered and re-soldered?
    There is quite a bit of unsoldering, Michael. It's time consuming, but not exceptionally complicated. Sorry you haven't received a comprehensive reply before now; I just found this post. Frankly, importing labor seems impractical to me. Surely, you could fine two craftsmen there... one to disassemble/re-assemble and one to refinish.
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