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Thread: Allen ADC-8000 in Arizona

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    Allen ADC-8000 in Arizona

    Here's an ADC-8000 available in Tempe AZ for $9,500; $8000 without amps & speakers:


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    It's me - guilty! The ad says clearly $6000 without amps and speakers, I don't know what you read! No offence though, toodles!

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    Sorry, I "mis-remembered". Since these organs don't work without amps and speakers, makes more sense to me for the advert to list the price complete, and "less without amps & speakers".

    It's a good price for that model, though. Good luck with your sale. Did you post it on the classifieds here?

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    Many thanks.

    All the best

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    So you decided not to keep the organ. As I recall you did not purchase all of the amps and speakers that were available from the original seller. It might help to specify how many amps and the quantity and model numbers of the speakers you are selling for the extra $1,500. Also, does the original seller have any of the remaining amps and speakers or have they been sold? Details are always good when offering something like this for sale.

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    Anyone interested is welcome to contact me. Sorry but as a very busy professional musician and teacher I just don't have time to answer questions on posts. The equipment comprises of s-100 amps and hc-12 speakers.

    Thanks for now

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    In the pic I see a huge amp rack and a lot of possible speaker cabinets behind the console.
    Allen 530A

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    No longer for sale - we are keeping our ADC-8000 after all!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by therepetiteur View Post
    No longer for sale - we are keeping our ADC-8000 after all!!!!
    I'm trying to find the devil horns for making us drool over the organ! Congratulations on your powers of persuasion. May they last for years to come (or at least long enough for me to pay for it).

    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 4 Allens:
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    I'm really sorry. Hope you get my PM real soon!
    PS- meant to say earlier - do let me know if you're on the book of faces (in a PM of course).

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