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Thread: CONN 721 Help needed

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    At the end of Conn's organ life, the organ division was bought out by Kimball, who monkeyed around with the designs. I think the 653 and others of the last series got that treatment. I suspect those had Pratt Read Keyboards, as I think Kimball was using those.

    It takes quite a plastics molding operation for keys, as you need 9 different molds: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Top C, and the Sharp. Tooling for this many different keys was/is expensive.

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    Sadly, the L-shaped tab can't simply be turned around (believe me, I tried it when I first encountered the new version on the 652/716). The newer tab has a slightly different geometry that isn't mechanically compatible, and the point where it attaches to the key is in a slightly different position so you can't even interchange the parts.

    I'm sure the keys you have will work on the 721 given their heritage.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ah yes, the Kimball-Conns. A dark time, indeed, for the once-proud Conn name.

    Despite Kimball's influence, the upper end of the 600 series, including the 646 and 653, and the 717 still used the Conn keyboards. Everything else downstream got Pratt-Reads.

    --- Tom
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    Thank you so much for your help guys - The CONN must be 721 Artist series as some have I.D.'d it since it corresponds to everything else I read. The keys I successfully (and rather easily I figured out) replaced with 4 *bay items. The factory installed Leslie is a two-speed unit and has info sheet stapled to back dated 2-12-69 . I was excited to see the date stamp and documentation. I took out Leslie cabinet to clean up and replace insulation that had been somewhat shredded ("church" mice?) I read on the factory paper directions for adjusting drive belt and slow speed motor wheel tension. So will do that.

    FIXES YET: I have to fab some pedal end caps - 4 are broken - I'm a metal fabricator so likely no trouble making some. I've pretty much cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, inside all over inside the thing. There's evidence of creatures there too as 10-12 wires have been gnawed thru (no comment here on that issue ... (spouse remains less than pleased ... very less)- that will be next fix - soldering wiring together.

    HELP/NEEDS: I have not found source for either owners manual, or more important to me "service" manual. I've tried to contact in Indiana - no response and phone appears disconnected. I'll try again. And keep searching on internet. If you have suggestions where i might try to get one or a copy, I'd be happy to pay.

    Also would like a resource for "stop list" as one rocker switch has letters worn off - though I can probably figure out by listening to the sound effect when playing.

    PS: If you fellas have pointers for me how to respond, or post on the forum please advise - i.e. do i stat new "thread" to give updates on repairs as Mike asked for? Or keep using this thread?
    PPS: I don't know what "Type 1 or type 2" is or "blind pistons" or Chiffs are as Mike referred to... so can't comment there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobby Keyboards View Post
    PS: If you fellas have pointers for me how to respond, or post on the forum please advise - i.e. do i stat new "thread" to give updates on repairs as Mike asked for? Or keep using this thread?
    PPS: I don't know what "Type 1 or type 2" is or "blind pistons" or Chiffs are as Mike referred to... so can't comment there.
    Hobby Keyboards,

    I'm not sure if I'm the Mike you are referencing, but I'll respond.

    I would suggest keeping everything about your organ in this thread, unless it involves multiple, distinctly different repairs. In that case, I would start a new thread for distinctly different repairs (i.e. circuit board repairs vs. MIDIfying a console). If a thread goes on for too long and/or covers too many distinctly different topics, people are less likely to read through all the posts to get the specific advice, for which they are searching.

    I didn't refer to blind pistons or chiffs, but I'll respond. Blind pistons are those you press, and when you do, none of the tabs move, but the sound changes. Chiff refers to the slight puff of air one hears from a pipe organ pipe just as it is played and before the note sounds completely.

    I'm looking for the name of the stop you are missing elsewhere on the Forum, and will get back to you on that. If you have the ability to take and post photos, you can take a photo of the missing stop, and I'm sure someone here can identify it.


    P.S. I don't know if this manual has sold or not, but one was for sale 2 years ago in Canada:
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    I have renamed the thread so its contents will be more readily found if someone is looking for info on this model.

    As to contacting Organ Service Corp in Indiana, they are VERY hard to get in touch with. I've had some luck in the past year with emailing them, but I don't think they answer the phone any more. It may in fact be disconnected. I understand their situation. 20 or 30 years ago, there were Conn and Kimball organs all over the place that people were needing to fix up, and they did a booming business in parts and manuals. Today, they might not get one call a week if they were still manning the phone.

    Keep searching the internet. Someone out there should have a service manual for sale. Now and then I hear of a tech like me who dies or just gives up the business and puts a boat load of manuals up for sale, often in bulk.

    Our member Jan Girardot used to have tons of manuals for sale, but he has been less active lately. You might send him a PM to see if he has one.
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