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Thread: What happened to the Home Organ Market?

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    I think the answer as to why the home organ market has disappeared is G, or 'all of the above' with yet another factor thrown in: The disappearance of the family unit. As children, we often gathered around the tall radio cabinet after the evening meal, which as odd as it may seem these days, was eaten with every family member seated at the table. When television first entered our home, we gathered around its' massive 21-inch screen in favor of the old radio. Within a year or so, we found that two televisions sets were for the adults, another for the children. Then, little by little, as the moral values began to relax, we saw the family unit disappear from the scene, and along with it went the family organ, another center of attention for family sing-alongs for years. Years later we would see the drug culture emerge which further helped the demise of the family unit. In my era, children graduated from college and found jobs close to home and remained there most of their lives. Today when the youngsters graduate from college, they are usually headed across country for their new career, only to be seen back at home randomly over the years. If there is an 'organ' in the home today, it is usually just a child's small keyboard and not a serious musical instrument.

    I am one of the most fortunate men in the United States. Some years ago, my mother owned a real estate agency and she learned that a large church in my city had gotten itself into great financial difficulty to the point they had to close their doors for good. My mother owned the land and the church, and I was able to purchase the church from her for pennies on the dollar. I hired an architect that was able to convert the church into a wonderful and cozy residence for me, but the wonderful thing about the church is that at the heart of the building was a ten-year old 80-rank Cassavant organ which was maintained quite well right up until the time the church held its' final service. I could not believe my good fortune in finding a large Cassavant organ. Things like that just do not fall into one's lap on a daily basis. There is not a day that goes by when you will not find me at the organ bench, discovering new things about the wonderful organ. When the Christmas season approaches, even family members that live thousands of miles away make sure they attend a week-long celebration at my church-turned-home where most of the celebration is around the Cassavant. It is my hope to be able to turn my home into a school for organ students, one that will offer then a free suite as they study organ and make use of the Cassavant as their practice organ.

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    Watertownorganguy, you are indeed fortunate. I'm sure I speak for many here in saying that we'd love to see some photos of the organ, and how you've incorporated it into your home (or rather, built your home around it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by daryljeffreyl View Post
    These annual sales figures for new home organs, listed above, are for the United States only. Perhaps, Lowrey is selling more new home organs, in some parts of the world, than they are in the United States.
    The home and Asian markets have traditionally been very strong for Yamaha and Kawai, though I think they're in decline too. Whether or not Lowreys are available in those markets, I don't know. The UK is doing OK for Lowrey, it always has done, but obviously not in the thousands of units per year of the days of yore. Europe is handled through the UK, I believe, so there will no doubt be a few sales there too.
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