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Thread: Do reeds have to be loud?

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    Quote Originally Posted by myorgan View Post

    Try allowing the domain only (i.e. OR OR * The asterisk[*] is a wildcard, meaning that anything hosted on that domain could load. You may also need to allow Java and/or applets to trusted websites, but if you do so, do it carefully, not allowing too much at once before testing.

    While I know others recommend Chrome or Firefox, I do not. When you read the TOS (Terms of Service) you are giving up a lot more privacy and information than with IE11 when IE11 is configured properly (IMHO). I always raise my security level when securing IE11, but in doing so, allow 1st party session cookies but no 3rd party cookies. The site in question has always worked with those settings.

    Leisesturm, I'm a bit confused by your statements. Surely, if you're enough of a guru to figure out what the problem is, then you would know IE11 is not an operating system, but the latest iteration of Internet Explorer--an Internet browser. Maybe I misunderstood your wording.

    Correct. You misunderstood my wording. I know very well that IE11 is a browser and not an operating system. And I recommended Chrome or Firefox as temporary experiments only. That said, I use Firefox as my daily go to browser. It allows me to use an adblock (a free adblock) with great ease. Security has never been an issue for me. If someone wants to steal my identity and assume ownership of my negative net worth, I will consider them as doing me a favor. As for you, Nutball... are you are essentially admitting that you liked me better when you thought I was a chick? You are lucky I don't know how to contact Mrs. Ball.

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    You misunderstood, I thought you had an organ related name: leslies turn, being a rotary speaker...

    Anyway back to reed stuff, I wish I had some reed organ stops for reed organ/accordion sounds. They just have this unique kind of sound to them
    Allen 530A

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    Well of course they have to be loud - to a certain extent. Swell reeds must have some growl, and pedal 16' reeds do need some thunder. Pedal 32' reeds are nice when big, but it's certainly not required so long as they come through. But if an 8' Tuba doesn't manage to just​ cut through full Swell coupled with full Great I will not be pleased.

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