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Thread: Still not confirmed membership by moderator

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    Still not confirmed membership by moderator

    It's been a month since I signed up here and I see no trace of my posts. Am I doing something wrong? I had a question about cleaning up a 1969 Baldwin organ with humming crackling and popping sounds.

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    I'm seeing this, can you post this topic here: ? or can you only post in the forum help section?

    I'm going to guess 1969 means it is an analog organ, so I have no experience working on one. I hope others can help

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    Don't know what your problem is. You have full Forum privileges and are not being moderated. I see this post and two others including your original question. Perhaps you forgot in what area you posted?

    Your original post is here:

    And has been viewed 80+ times.

    You can always view your recent posts by either going to your profile, or by using the Advanced Search facility and searching on your username.

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