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Thread: Roland VK 7 compare?

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    Roland VK 7 compare?

    I'm very new to organ stuff and was wondering how would a roland VK 7 compare to a Hammond M3?

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    It depends on what you want to use it for. If I was playing in a working band, I'd much prefer the Roland. If I wanted a cool old relic to mess around with at home, probably the M3. If you're asking if a Roland Vk7 can sound like an M3 in a live setting I'd say yes. If you're talking about playing it at home by itself, discerning ears could probably tell a difference. Just my .02

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    A VK7 through a real Leslie or a modern sim would sound great. One thing to watch on Rolands of that era is the red glue problem where the epoxy that holds the key weights starts to turn back into goop and can destroy the boards/stick the keys together. If you are purchasing one find out if it has been fixed up or use that info to barter.

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