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Thread: MIDI Keyboard Controllers

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    MIDI Keyboard Controllers

    Been checking out the 60's rock organ sounds, Vox, Rhoads, The Doors, Ray Manzerek, Animals, House of the rising sun, stuff. Can't afford a new or used setup, right now and I know the Vox's are hard to come by. Fender Rhoads can be got fairly cheaply, but I think i could do just as well with some MIDI and a decent controller. I have the old Cinema III organ I play and it does quite well without all the fluff. But the 60's sounds can't be beat without the 60's sound. I do have a Roland RD 100 which has some 60's sounds for piano,, but it has the fully weighted keys, and is more like a piano, but it's like beating your finger tips against a chalk board. Semi weighted or lighter are better for organ sounds. So, anyone have any suggestions for a decent playing MIDI controller I can use with a laptop and software. Software advice would be good to, since I don't mess with this subject to much. Tanks a bunch!

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    I don't know, I think I would be putting my money and energy into acquiring a decent Hammond B3 emulation and calling it very, very, good. Since the EP's are more economical to acquire (your words) you're good there, right?

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    It depends how much you are prepared to spend, (Most of them also come with software) a good starter board is made by Roland
    If you want dedicated Vox, Farfisa & Rhodes software have a look at Native Instruments, if you are happy with pre-set sounds, try Kontakt or Steinberg’s Halion.
    Hope this helps

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    Maybe a novation impulse or perhaps a nektar impact. Some of the cheaper things like alesis v49 have velocity problems. Organ sounds can use about anything because they dont need velocity or aftertouch.

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