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AFIK, all Pedal Divisional pistons are separate from the Great.
Absolutely. On the organ I play now and the two before it, and any others I can think of there were literally two sets of Divisionals side by side, on the Great keyboard. A set to the left for the Pedals and the set located centrally for the Great. The Generals were split on either side of the Swell Divisionals. The toe studs duplicated the Generals, four on one side of the expression shoes, and four on the other side, and the Pedal studs just above them split the same way. If you set a Pedal piston, you could be fairly sure that the same numbered toe stud would give you the same combination. Only the organ I play now differs. If you set a piston on the Pedal Division on the Great Keyboard the toe studs can have entirely different combinations set on them. You could have 16 unique Pedal Division presets, way too many; IMO its the Generals that could use that kind of flexibility!!!