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Thread: Yamaha P140 + bass pedalboard

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    Yamaha P140 + bass pedalboard

    Hi, a friend of mine have a Yamaha P140 and a organ MIDI pedalboard. The MIDI connection is ok, but is impossible to set the sound of the pedals. If you choose, for example, the church organ on the keyboard, on the bass pedals you can hear the piano. Can I set the organ sound for the pedals? Thank you, Alessandro

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    This piano has a split function that puts each side of the split on different MIDI channels. Try changing the MIDI channel of the pedals until you hear organ.

    Conversely, you can send a program change message from the pedals to select organ on its channel. The organ change number is 19 (0-127) or 20 (1-128).


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    Thank you, Geo

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