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Thread: Magnus Chord Organ Repair

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    Magnus Chord Organ Repair

    Hello, I realize that the item I'm about to ask about is basically a toy, but we plan on having a little fun with it. I have one of those little table top chord organs by Magnus that is a fan and a bunch of reeds. There is a seal gasket which is a strip with openings for each note that sticks on the bit plastic bit that has all the reeds. This gasket material is totally shot. The result is leaks bad enough on some keys to make them play and others just bad enough to reduce pressure. Also there is a felt strip which is also totally shot. Anyone have a good source for the right material for either of these? I'm guessing the gasket material is more important to correctly identify and replace. The model I have I think is the same as what is pictured here: Thanks so much. -Dan

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    Not knowing what the gasket material was, I could suggest replacing it w/leather, but how does one glue leather to plastic? Not an answer I have ever had to think about. I can tell you that getting the gasket thickness just right is critical.
    There are a few different thicknesses of felt out there, but the thickness and density/hardness can also be important.

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    Leather is easy to glue to plastic with PVC-E glue. A good source of this glue is available at Wal-Mart in the craft section under the name Aleen's Original Tacky Glue. I have used this for years to glue the newer nylon fabric to pneumatics and rebuilding the plastic Aeoline player piano valve blocks.

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    Ah, what wonderful memories... {flashback music} ... yes, we had the Model 670 at home growing up as kids. I'd bet my parents would've paid good money at the time just to make us stop playing that thing.

    I'd suggest checking out Grainger's website and search for "rubber sheets, strips and rolls" where you'll see a range of sizes & thicknesses. They have rubber sheets either with or without adhesive peel-off backing.

    This will give you a more consistent and controllable set of choices than leather, which is inherently uneven compared to a manufactured product. It'll also give you a tighter, more assured air seal.

    The Magnus Organ was a miracle of plastic and synthetics, so I'd be surprised if there were any leather in the original product.

    Enjoy! - OneWatt

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