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Thread: Do you love Reverb?

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    Perhaps it's partly just a preference thing, but I certainly enjoy hearing any organ better in a lively room. A dead space, especially where some acoustical "expert" has put fluffy stuff all over the walls in an attempt to make speech more intelligible and controllable via the sound system -- such a space generally ruins the sound of even a good organ, whether it's electronic or pipe, classical or theater.

    While many people, including me, enjoy the unadorned up-close sounds made by pipes, and have no objection to hearing the normal noises made by the mechanism, the air sounds and attacks and so on, listening to music without the benefit of the broadening, blending, sweetening effects of room reflections can be quite tiring.

    As a rule, I find that a room of at least 1000 square feet with a ceiling 16' or higher, with smooth walls and ceiling and normally absorbent objects in the room such as padded furniture and maybe even a tight carpet on the floor will probably have sufficient reflections to make an organ enjoyable without artificial reverb added. If artificial reverb is added, it should not draw attention to itself, just enhance the natural reflections of the room.

    I have heard "too much" natural reverb, specifically when attending a service a few weeks ago in St. Paul's Cathedral in London. The reflections in there are so strong and sustain the organ tone (and human voices too) so long that the sounds run together and make both music and speech way too muddled for me. The congregation were unable to stay with the organ on the hymns because the sound was not clearly rhythmic. At least that was my impression when attending a single service, from where I sat in the nave near the front. Most other English cathedrals where I've attended services also have a lot of reverb, but less than St. Paul's. The optimum amount must be somewhat less than what you hear there, but you sure don't want to lose it all!
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