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Thread: Transplant Leslie 900U Guts into Prettier Cabinet? Possible?

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    Lightbulb Transplant Leslie 900U Guts into Prettier Cabinet? Possible?

    Hello again,
    I have something of a unique problem on my hands. I have a Leslie 900U (Utility 2 piece Pro-Line) that works perfectly fine, aside from some annoying cabinet buzzes/rattles. It's aesthetic qualities (or lack thereof) haven't been a huge concern because so far, it's resided in my apartment, away from public eyes.

    However, in a few weeks, I'm going to be moving into what used to be my Grandparent's old farm house, and the organ/leslie are coming with me. In the new spot, it would be desired to have the organ in the living room, for social enjoyment of music with family and friends. In this new venue, the 900U's ugly black utility cab with it's rattling metal handles and metal grates aren't going to cut it. Ideally I would to tuck it away in the music room upstairs for use with keyboards, and buy a prettier Leslie like a 145/147/122, etc. However, that's not really in the budget right now, what with them being $1000+.

    I'm wondering, would it be possible to find a nice condition empty cab and transplant everything over? Perhaps one of the solid state era cabs? Are the guts close enough that it could be made to work? I should mention that this Leslie has a spring reverb unit and two 6x9 reverb speakers that would have to be accommodated. I really like the reverb on this thing and wouldn't want to loose it.

    If I sold the Leslie, I don't think I'd get enough to buy something else, as unfortunately, these 900 series Leslies don't seem to have much value, even though it sounds awesome. Another concern is that I'm using all external amplification/electronic crossover. I presently have a tube Bogen PA amp for the horn and a Peavey M-2600 PA amp for the woofer. So even with a cab transplant, I'd still have to have a little stand next to it for the amps.

    If you were in my situation, what would you do? I'd love to have my C3 out where people can see it, but I need a better looking Leslie setup, or it's not gonna happen. This thing looks like something from Frankenstein's lab..LOL.

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    look for a cheap 50C or 51 box, everything should fit with a little love
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    When I sold my 900u to a church I covered it in black grill cloth and used aluminum to trim the edges. It had a sleek, modern look that came out very nice. I bolted the top permanently to the bottom before covering.


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    This looks like the one in I found some other pictures of the 900U. It looks like the guts of a standard 900. If I wanted to do it easily in a relatively cheap fashion I would empty the cabinets, patch up the holes, use a round-over bit on some edges and cover it with roll-on Duratex. Then fashion some grills of some kind.

    Do you not have the stock amplifier?

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    That is the one on Reverb. It does have the stock amp, it's just not very good. As I remember, it would distort if asked to play too loud, and just in general, didn't sound very pleasant. My outboard stuff really improves the sound quality greatly.

    As far as cosmetics, it really would need to be a real wood cabinet. I don't think Duratex is gonna fly in this situation. Thanks for the idea though.

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