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Yikes - guess I'm not the only one. Things have been crazy around here both due to an employee being out of town and volunteering for a charity event which has happily grown wings (but been the source of much spur of the moment activity). I don't know where the last month disappeared to either!
What makes it worse is, there's no end in sight! No one qualified is applying for the job. The US unemployment rate is 4.3% for July, and 3.5% for our State (up from 3% a few months earlier).

Meanwhile, all the other activities I am engaged in (church, Forum, etc.), get lost in the shuffle. I do wish there were an end in sight. Perhaps after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when the seasonal employees are unemployed again, we can find someone who is qualified.

Meanwhile, I haven't had enough time to even snap a photo of the card reader, or even switch them. Hopefully, as soon as there's a vacation day I'll get a chance. One is coming up in October.