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Thread: insecure login

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    insecure login

    I am getting a notification when logging in that the login page is insecure. Browser is Firefox 53.0 in Linux. The faq says this is because the page is just WWW rather than HTTPS. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it something to be concerned about?

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    Sorry! I should have searched first.

    After posting I noticed that this matter has been addressed and is in process of being changed.

    Thanks for your efforts admin.
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    Yes, the latest version of Firefox is giving that warning for all web sites that require a password to enter that use http instead of https. I log into several sites that require a password which will probably never have a security certificate, including my own private photo album site.

    I've just decided to change my passwords for those sites that are not secure so that they are is not shared with any of the sites that now provide secure logins. That way if a password is compromised it won't give access to anything of mine that is sensitive.

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    You can sign in using https, but there are some minor issues.

    First, you cannot access the Forum via as this page always redirects to

    If you want to sign-in securely the best way is to bookmark this url and sign in from there:

    You can also go directly to and log-in in the usual manner from there, but the first attempt will fail and you'll be redirected to the url above for a second attempt, so you might as well use that url in the first place.

    Once you've signed in securely, you might see a message that some page content is being blocked. That is because some of the Forum's page content-- ads, images, and feeds-- are provided through http: connections and the browser will block those connections for https: sessions.

    While it's great that browsers are encouraging security, the rest of the internet is not totally prepared to seamlessly support it.

    As the only possibly sensitive information stored in your Forum profile is your email address, I think the best option at this time is to do what Larry suggests and use a dedicated password for the Forum and sign in with the usual http: session. That way, if someone does sniff out your password during sign-in, they'll be no compromise to your log-ins to your critical sites.

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