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Thread: Johannus ONE!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by radagast View Post
    Do you know that there are, or were, many pipe organs in Europe that are only one manual?
    In the US, too.

    There was a one manual, mechanical action organ at church camp. But it had a pedalboard.

    Can't learn much of the repertoire on anything without a pedalboard. Now if I could add pedals to my Estonia 190...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkS View Post
    In the US, too.
    Good point, Mark!

    I played a concert on a one-manual tracker instrument some years ago. It was quite a challenge to be inventive with only a few stops to choose from (which split the keyboard). I used it as an excuse to play Bach's "Little" Fugue in G Minor, Pachelbel's Toccata in E Minor, and others like that. Granted, they weren't especially meaty pieces, but the audience enjoyed them anyway.

    With no pedals, there are plenty of manuals-only pieces, but I'd shy away from any that require pedals (my feet won't go that high!).

    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 4 Allens:
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    I have been wanting something like this myself. My portable setup for outdoor services is somewhat bulky requiring two benches, one for me and one for the laptop. I like the idea of having the sound generation internal. Was searching in vain for a Viscount Cantorum but this looks like it might work as well.

    outside service.jpg
    ALLEN ADC 5000 DK
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    Tell us about your Hoffrichter if you haven't, please. How are the onboard sounds? Happy with the touch, connections etc? Interesting relatively obscure organ concept so far as I can tell -- there are Youtubes of course.

    Incidentally, all, I called a Johannus dealer 95 minutes from where I live about the One. He said they sell out as soon as he gets them in stock -- for about $4000. This was about a year ago. I also said I was interested in coming to see what preowned electronics of different brands he had on hand -- he said he'd let me know but never did. Am not complaining -- got the distinct impression he was nice and busy, even had a secretary to take calls etc! (Why does it feel like I've written this here before -- don't see it in the thread.)
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