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Thread: Sight-reading at the Organ (Not the Piano)

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    I.m relatively new to keyboard instruments but have played guitar and mandolin for years
    I have self taught using the Bastien books ,I also have the Kenneth Baker books but found Bastien method easier for me,hardest part was learning to read music fluently.
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    I'm a classical musician, but I was a memorizer. I could read music just fine, but I could only read one note at a time, very slowly, counting to get the rhythm right. It wasn't until a few years ago that I learned to take in enough information to read ahead of where I was playing. So, while I could learn and play difficult music, I couldn't just play through any song.
    It's pretty easy to see the difference between reading and sight reading in a Bible study group or similar situation where people have to read out loud. Plenty of people can read just fine, but having to read and remember a few words ahead of where a person is speaking takes some extra practice. A lot of people learn both together but not everyone.

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    Years ago I had to take an exam where I had 5 minutes to prepare to perform a piece of reasonable difficultly. I was fairly decent at sight reading but I wanted to make sure I'd do a good job. So for a month prior I used Bach's Well Tempered Clavier and chose the ones I didn't know. I did my best to prepare a good performance in 5 minutes with about 3-4 pieces per day. I would sometimes reuse ones I hadn't played for a week or two.

    That was extremely tedious but my sight reading improved quite a bit. I'm not necessarily suggesting someone use the Well Tempered Clavier, but rather pick something somewhat beyond your ability to perform with 5 minutes preparation, and then prepare to perform it. I don't mean prepare to play it, but really give a musical performance of it as convincing as possible. It's really tedious but perhaps it might help someone

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