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Thread: At last, I've got a Tyros.

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    The first to ditch the organ name (Which always put youngsters off due to their connotations with churches and Blackpool) was probably Yamaha with the Electone, (Still used today) and to this day, they still hate anybody that calls their Electone instrument, Organs.

    With the revitalisation of Hammond, and the output of Nord, organs are a bit more cool these days as a lot of the current bands have them.

    My opinion, is that if they had changed the name to Multi-Keyboard in the 80s (Rather than resist it) the organ market wouldn’t have collapsed like it did, as more youngsters would have pulled in.

    Still the organ market seems to be on the up (Despite the loss of Roland) which can only be a good thing.


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    And Kawai started off calling their organs 'Dreamatone', following Yamaha's lead. However, they switched to organ in the late 60s. Then, after pulling out of the market completely (just like Roland), they came back with a new Dreamatone range.

    Would a change of name have made a difference? I don't know. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.......
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    For me it all got a bit over dealer driven back then and oh so very expensive aimed particularly at the old folk offered endless upgrades swapped for savings. Remnants of that are still around and best avoided me thinks. Always used to call my EL90T an organ loving every minute of playing that old gal.

    I'm quite upbeat about the multi keyboard or organ market particularly with the great work done with the new Hammond system and having played it as a single keyboard unit and complete system rig they have nailed it.
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