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Thread: 150 yr old Reed Organ, I have so many questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by myorgan View Post

    Couldn't she just pull the offending reed until it's repaired? Granted, there will be a wind sound, but at least she could hear the rest of the organ. Just a thought.

    And a very good thought at that. Thanks Michael. I have however considered the fact that the OP is obviously a lady and with limited knowledge of these lovely pieces of history, it could present her with a difficulty in things technical. If however, she feels up to it and is prepared to take pictures and exercise patience, we will help her through that process.

    Actually just pulling the reed part way out will also silence it temporarily. Wish we were closer - it will be a treat to delve into the insides of an old Cornish again...!

    Your Cornish looks very similar to my one and you should try and get to it soon. They sound really nice with good base. The links are easy to disconnect and the action comes out without difficulty.

    "Don't make war, make music!" Hammonds, Lowreys, Yamaha's, Gulbransens, Baldwin, Technics, Johannus. Reed organs. Details on request...

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    We hashed out this subject very thoroughly a few months ago, here's the link to the discussion.


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    Thank you, Nico. I wish I had the courage to open it up and pull the erring A reed out. But I think it is best to wait until my Piano Guy opens the organ up and checks it out this first time. I will take pics and try to learn how to make minor adjustments myself over time. But I would hate to make the small problems even worse by my inexperience.

    I rewrote lyrics to a favorite Christmas song to accommodate the everlasting "A". I will try to do a Youtube this week, before the key gets fixed. The original owner's name was "Rudolph", thus the first song will be "Rudolph The Cornish Organ".

    It does have a rich Bass - I am very surprised by it. Not the subdued somber sound of many organs. So I hope to get it working as well as possible !

    Thank You All !

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