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Thread: ADC cage voice cards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steverose View Post
    UPDATE! A secondary TG5 card arrived today from Florida and it works just fine. I can now enjoy all the splendor of left and right sided chimes together! It's the little things in life, ya know what I mean?
    YAY!!! I'm always learning new things here. Thanks for testing this out for us and keeping us posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbird604 View Post
    Of course the card reader became something different on ADC organs vs. MOS. With MOS, the Alterables were stops attached to a given division. Once programmed, an Alterable acted just like another stop in that division, coupled with it, etc. With ADC, the Alterable division was a floating division that could be coupled to any keyboard. That was actually a nice change. Made possible, for example, a Festival Trumpet that did not couple. More like the way MIDI stops work.
    Didn't know the Alterables would couple to another division. Then again, I don't use them. Something to play with, thanks John.My 1105 has 10 Alterables. 4 Swell, 4 Great, 2 Choir
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    Yes. Alterables DO couple on MOS organs. They do NOT couple on ADC, MADC, or MDS organs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbird604 View Post
    Yes. Alterables DO couple on MOS organs. They do NOT couple on ADC, MADC, or MDS organs.
    On ADC, MADC, and MDS the alterables tend to be floating on 2 manual organs--i.e., independent couplers to the swell, great, and pedal; on 3 manual organs they tend to have a "home" division on the Swell, with no separate coupler, with separate couplers to the great, choir, and pedal--i.e., they don't couple with the "swell to great", etc., but there are separate "alterable to great" etc. couplers. Usually (but there may be an exception) there is no "Swell Alterable Unison Off" option on the 3-manual organs.

    On the MDS models with separate ancillary divisions (reeds or percussion) such as the MDS-55, the alterables couple with the ancillary division.

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