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Thread: What Hammond model is this?

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    What Hammond model is this?

    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum. I was recently given a free hammond, but I don't know what model it is -- looks like one of the less popular versions. Can you guys see the pictures? Does anyone know what model it is and how much these are worth, if anything?

    Also, if anyone knows how to mic it, that'd be great too. Looks like it uses an internal leslie.

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    Sorry, attachments not inserted properly before. Please see them attached now.
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    It's a Cougar, from 1974. 1st generation LSI Hammond spinet. Value is zero. If it's working, that's a minor miracle! Most examples have long since met their maker.

    Mikes? One condenser mike directed towards to the leslie grille, about 18" away. One dynamic or condenser pointed at the static speaker(s), which will most likely only be handling bass, as you're running the drawbar sounds through the leslie. Maybe adjust distances if you pick up rumble or wind noise from the leslie. (Rumble can easily be EQ'd out).
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    Ah yes, from the fateful animal name era.
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    Hi Chris.

    Welcome to the mob of Hammond organ nuts. Generally the name Hammond gets the ears of most organists up and the true Hammonds are worth having. Unfortunately, as is the case with many manufactured items, there are the ones which evolved from others trying to use the original name and cashing in on the deal. Your Hammond is an example. While when it was new it was likely producing very pleasing sounds and it has (to me at least) appealing lines to the cabinet, as some of the comments indicated from people who know more than me, it is not worth much.

    For my two bits worth - if it still works, enjoy whatever sounds come from it but do not spend any money on trying to restore it. Save your money and if it is Hammond you want, look around for an M3, M-100 or even an L-100 if Hammond sounds are what you are after. Depending on your location you may find many better models for little money or for free. If you are happy with transistor sounds, there are other Hammond models to look out for, the T-series are nice but there are also other makes that will equally please. Best advice I can give is to ask on this Forum before you commit to whatever is in your sights.

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    Thanks everyone! The organ was a gift to my church, but I spent some money to transport it. It seems to work for the most part -- I will make whatever use of it I can. One of our keyboard players suggested we take it because it's free, but then he bought a Nord Electro which supposedly has better organ sounds than a B3 (I doubt it), so he doesn't plan on playing it much. I kind of regret taking the Cougar because it takes up much needed space. 😕

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    Welcome, Chris. As mentioned, use it until it quits. Nord does not have better sounds than a properly-working B3 and Leslie.
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