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Thread: Aeolian Player Organ

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    Aeolian Player Organ

    I have just acquired a single manual Aeolian player organ. I must confess I know nothing about their organs, although I did have a very nice play grand piano. A paper tag inside appears to identify it as a Model 1600, although that may be incorrect, as it is barely legible. Additionally, the tag says it is number 13800. I'm not sure if Aeolian records are still partially available or not. I do know that by the time they made my grand, they were a consortium of a number of piano manufacturers, some very well known and some, well....

    At any rate, I have yet to take the back off, as it only came in the house yesterday. But, I was wondering if anyone was knowledgeable about player organs in general, or possibly the Aeolian brand?

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    Just when I was thinking this sub-forum is disconcertingly quiet and I was seriously considering searching for another old one to babble about here this comes up.

    Unfortunately however I cannot give any information or answer your question but I am sure soon Casey will come in with some information.

    Congratulations on your new acquisition - enjoy!

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    there are online groups that specialize in self-players.
    There is even a FB group for player reed organs.

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    Thanks. Yes, it does get quiet here some times. And Casey did give me some info to follow up on. To date, I have opened the front and back and removed the pneumatic roller motor and associated plumbing. Have not been able to locate the actual valve the supplies power to this, as it is apparently located inside the organ itself. Also, the player device itself is in bad shape, with numerous pallets on a vertical mounting falling off. Not sure if it is possible to bypass the player mechanism to regain a playable organ without actually opening up the whole can of worms.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hey Casey. Thanks for your input. I'll have to take a peak and see if I can get edumacated....Bill

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    A lot of aeolian players have two regular ranks of reeds under the keys played directly (w/o pneumatics). The player reeds are in the vertical chest above the keys. So with those you can always treat the ordinary part as a separate instrument all together and get it playing, sealing off the player bit. You can couple the player ranks to the keyboard with the "Pneumatic to Manual" stop.
    I have no real experience with these players, but that's what I have picked up over the years.

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