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Thread: Sorabji: New film documentary / forthcoming performances

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    Sorabji: New film documentary / forthcoming performances

    Organist Kevin Bowyer recently gave the US premiŤre of Sorabjiís Organ Symphony No. 2 in University of Iowa where he had been invited to inaugurate its concert hallís new Klais organ following a disastrous flood in 2008 that destroyed the venue and its previous organ. Kevinís performance of this massive three movement work, more than eight hours in duration, was received with great enthusiasm.

    Kevin devoted thousands of hours over many years to the preparation of the world premiŤre that he gave in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2010. He has since created magnificent typeset critical editions of all three Sorabji organ symphonies, of which copies are available from The Sorabji Archive (see ), along with all of Sorabjiís other scores and literary writings,.

    A crowd-funded film documentary about the organ symphonies project, with especial reference to the second symphony, is being made in Iowa, of which details and a link may be found on the Sorabji Facebook page at ; to quote:

    ďA remarkable story rich with cinematic potential: the deluge of 2008, the effort to rebuild, the musical palace that rose forth, the remarkable organ placed at its heart, the magician (Kevin Bowyer) called upon to give it life, and the 8 1/2 hour Sorabjian incantation.

    Please consider making a contribution to help assist in the funding effort to produce this film:

    Sorabji in Iowa: A documentary

    Help GOLDrush raise $8,000 for the project: Sorabji in Iowa: A documentary. Your gift will make a difference!Ē

    The link to donate is . So far, almost 50% of the required sum has been raised. Do please give generously towards this historic project!

    Pianist Jonathan Powell will be touring what is still Sorabjiís most famous work, Opus Clavicembalisticum, this year. To date, six performances have been confirmed, as follows:

    050517 Brighton St. Michaelís Church

    090517 London Rosslyn Hill Chapel

    130517 Oxford Jacqueline du Prť Music Building

    011017 Karlsruhe Musentempel

    061017 Glasgow Concert Hall, Glasgow University

    251017 Brno Concert hall JAMU (JanŠček Academy)

    Other dates and venues are in the pipeline.

    This seminal work has never received so many performances within a single year!

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    The Iowa crowd-funding exercise reached - indeed, slightly exceeded - its $8K target so the documentary project is to proceed.

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