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Thread: Hammond F100

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    Hammond F100

    I first run across one of these in 1963. I was still in high school and a band that I later played had one of these jerry rigged to a bass amp. I sat in and played it and it wasn't long before I was hired as the organist so I used my M3 instead. This was an unique organ. It has onemanual 52 keys which split and functioned as two, it didn't have drawbars,it had 13 pedals and rather than having and expression pedal and it had a knee lever. this is a Hammond F100.</P>
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    Re: Hammond F100

    Yeah, JAZZLOVER, those are definitely interesting. </P>

    A few years ago I got one at a thrift store for $5. Took it home, fired it up, and was totally underwhelmed. Sounded like sh*t - today's $100 "keyboard" blows it away in every way. Did a bunch of research. Tried to donate it to a keyboard museum...they already had one. So I disassembled it, kept th manual (for the keys), the bass pedals (to give to whoever wants them), the tubes (hey...ya never know. right? , and the decent wooden cabinet (which I simplyrefinished with a coat of oil/varathane).Tossed the rest of it in "electronic recyclables". Six months later I gave my head a shake,thought "You'll never use that for an intended case/frame for some portables", and gave it back to the thrift store.'s not there now.</P>

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    Re: Hammond F100

    AKA the Extravoice. Given its age, I'm not surprised you found today's keyboard blew it away! There was oncea website dedicated to it but it seems to have gone now. </P>

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