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Thread: Komplete 11 VST Launches on September 1st

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    Komplete 11 VST Launches on September 1st

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    Interesting that Native Instruments still haven't released Kontakt 6.

    Kontakt 5 was released in September 2011. I understand Kontakt 6 is still only in Alpha testing, so it looks like it will still be quite a while before an upgraded version of Kontakt is released.

    Accordingly, Komplete 11 will launch with Kontakt 5 bundled in, which all Komplete 10 and 9 users already have. I currently run Komplete 10 Ultimate and use Kontakt 5 as the sound engine for the 'home / entertainment organ' part of my virtual organ setup. There is not enough in the K11 bundle to get me to upgrade now so I'll be waiting until an edition of Komplete is released which contains Kontakt 6. Hopefully Kontakt 6 will have an expandable (not fixed size) User Interface window to allow the proper use of larger and higher resolution monitors.
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    That's NI link is but a 27-second graphic, no?

    Does anybody know what software package from Native Instruments (or anybody else) contains a whole lot of straight orchestral sounds -- solo (e.g. trumpet) and ensemble (e.g. brass) -- for playing off my Rodgers? I try youtubes on Komplete but they're all about new tools to manipulate rock beats, pure synth tones, how a product can help you write and produce a whole "song" in 100 minutes etc. anymore.

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    Hi Victor

    Kontakt 5 has Band, Orchestral & Choir Sections

    Komplete includes Kontakt 5 plus adds many more non synth sounds, and is thus excellent value Scroll down for sampled & acoustic sounds.

    Steinberg’s Halion 6 & Halion Sonic 3 also offer a good selection

    Garritan offer good entry level solutions

    Then of you can move up to East West Library’s

    Not forgetting (If you have plenty of dosh and powerful computers)

    The final decision will be how much you are prepared to spend, and how powerful your computer is.

    Hope this helps


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